2023 - 2024 FSLA Committees

Convention Committee

The FSLA Convention committee works with FSLA Staff to recommend future locations for the FSLA Annual Convention, assist in the planning of Thursday afternoon activities, board and speaker dinners, special events (onsite at hotel and offsite) and working registration during convention.

Convention Chair, President-Elect: Virginia Clancy
Convention Co-Chair: Tonya Rivera

Committee Members: John Barfield, Bianca Deising, Al Geraci, Bresch McCarthy, Cody Parsons, Tim Scollo, Rosemary Sloane and  Alyxandra Wagner

Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for selecting Member Webinars, Virtual Program Development, Convention Speakers, and maintaining outreach to Risk Management programs at colleges/universities in Florida.

Education Chair: Al Geraci
Education Co-Chair: Chris Siegel

Committee Members: Amber Bertrand, Steve Clein, Shannon Conlon, Anthony DiBuono, Karen Preston and Amanda Ruppel

Investment Committee

The FSLA Investment Committee is responsible for reviewing the fiscal health of the association on a quarterly basis and recommending investment strategies to preserve assets.

FSLA President: Dave DeMott 
FSLA Treasurer: Al Geraci

Committee Members: Virginia Clancy, Don Deising, Michael Franzese, Tonya Rivera and Jennifer Sanes 

Legislative & SurPAC Committee

The Legislative and SurPAC committee works with FSLA Staff and Lobbyists to promote the legislative and regulatory interests of FSLA members and the surplus lines industry in Florida.

Legislative Chair, President: Dave DeMott 
Legislative Co-Chair: Conor O’Leary
SurPAC Chair: Al Geraci 

Committee Members: John Barfield, Virginia Clancy, Don Deising, Troy Fornof, Luis Guillermes, Darren Marsh, Amanda Ruppel, Jake Scherr, Chris Siegel, Bachman Smith and Randy West 

Membership Recruitment/Retention Committee

The charge for the Membership Recruitment/Retention Committee is to recommend new members and promote membership in the association as well as review benefits available to FSLA members.

Membership Chair: Bresch McCarthy 

Committee Members: Joshua Baron, Marianne Correa, Deirdre D’Alessandro, Kelsey Eshleman, Juan Carlos Mahfouz and Stephanie Mitchell 

PR Committee

The FSLA Marketing and PR committee works closely with advocacy leads to support materials highlighting policy priorities and efforts to improve the health of the marketplace. Developed content includes handouts, social media updates and onsite videos with FSLA members at the Capitol.

Legislative Chair, President: Dave DeMott
SurPAC Chair: Al Geraci 

Committee Members: Dustin Applebaum, Virginia Clancy, Cody Gambino, Erin O’Leary and Stephen Shea