2021 - 2022 FSLA Committees

Convention Committee

Convention Chair: Don Deising
Co-Chair: Tonya Rivera

Committee Members: Sean JaGroop, Darren Marsh and Bresch McCarthy

Education Committee

Education Chair: Al Geraci  

Committee Members: Mike Keese, Erin O’Leary, Chris Siegel and Scott Smith

Investment Committee

Investment Chair: Harvey Sheldon
Standing Member (President): Kathy Colangelo 

Committee Members: Dave DeMott, Michael Franzese and Al Geraci

Legislative & SurPAC Committee

Legislative Chair: Dave DeMott 
SurPAC Chair: Al Geraci 
Standing Member (President): Kathy Colangelo 

Committee Members: John Barfield, Jason Bryant, Virginia Clancy, Don Deising, William Floros, Troy Fornof, Donald DeMent, Darren Marsh, Amanda Ruppel and Chris Siegel 

Membership Recruitment/Retention Committee

Membership Chair: Virginia Clancy  

Committee Members: Brittany Barrett, Deirdre D’Alessandro and Sean JaGroop

PR Committee

PR Chair: Kathy Colangelo  

Committee Members: Dave DeMott (Legislative Chair), Al Geraci (SurPAC Chair), Virginia Clancy and Erin O’Leary